Our Mission


Ravela is a conscious brand committed to making a positive impact in the world while offering stylish comfort that inspires a love for life.

To maintain our connection and harmony with the Earth, we proudly use all organic cotton. We believe in supporting artisans, so every piece is handmade in Peru. Because we care, a portion of our profits support rescuing women and children who have been trafficked.


Derived from a sacred, ancient language...

Ravela means
Life + Love
+ Unity

Producing, designing and purchasing Ravela is much more than feeling good about what you wear. We believe that all beings and things are connected. Making conscious choices regarding what we wear has an impact beyond what we can imagine.


Becoming healthier, reading food labels and opting for organic also includes what we put on our skin–the largest organ of the body. Reading clothing labels is just as important when making decisions that impact our health and well being. Wearing natural and organic fibers, also keeps us more connected to our Mother Earth. 



We are intentional about every step of the process–from the buying of organic fabrics to shipping supplies made from recyclable material, from supporting fair trade production to giving back to causes we believe in–all for the greater good of our planet. 

All of our organic cotton jumpsuits are handmade in Peru with our organic cotton and fabric sourced in Peru too. We believe in fair fashion and slow fashion so we know our artisans are treated and paid well to produce Ravela's organic cotton jumpsuits.

Our transparency is certified through Provenance and we are a part of the fashion revolution movement of #whomademyclothes to ensure fairtrade.


Comfy, cozy, chill and chic. 

As busy women, we liked the idea of creating a clothing item that feels good and can be worn everywhere and anywhere based on choice of accessories and shoes.


  • for morning meditation with warm slippers or socks
  • to work in flats
  • layered with a sweater to catch a flight
  • solo and barefoot for yoga
  • over a bathing suit
  • with a pair of heels and a blazer for a business meeting or dinner
  • date night with wedges, jewelry and a trendy scarf

The stylish versatility and comfort of this jumpsuit was exactly what our daily lives need and so we chose to share it with you.


The Founders

Yesim Ozbarlas, MBA, PhD

Yesim Ozbarlas

Yesim, a Dusseldorf native, global citizen, fashion aficionado, and speaker of 8 languages has lived, worked and studied in plethora of cultures in her lifetime. 

Born into a family of true entrepreneurs, she was always exposed to creativity, ad hoc decisions and to global connections. Despite, her dad insisting she only concentrate on academia, her true passion and fulfillment always resided in creating. 

During travels to international yoga retreats, she began her true journey and started finding inner peace.  Her love of aesthetics has led her to develop a fashion statement for those inspired by yoga and comfortable style. The tragic loss of her brother a few years back, a clothing entrepreneur in his own right, have inspired her to continue the family tradition of creating outstanding lifestyle concepts.

Her qualifications, both a PhD and an MBA, anchored by her entrepreneurial roots have given her the self-trust to bring Ravela to fruition. 

Apart from this, Yesim loves dancing street tango and flamenco and is on board of several non profits in Atlanta. She adores her 11-year-old son, Lemi, who attends the Atlanta International School.

Contact: Yesim@Ravela.us

Nikki Starr Noce, MD, CYT

Nikki Starr

As a healer, MD, transformational coach, yoga and meditation teacher, speaker and writer, Nikki Starr is a natural born entrepreneur and dedicated to empowering people to live a more conscious life. By the age of 25, she traveled the globe touching every continent, inspiring her to take action to help the planet. 

In the fall of 2014, Nikki Starr appeared on the FOX reality television show Utopia about creating a new society. She is currently a part time resident of Damanhur Community in Italy because she believes in creating a better world together.

She always knew she would create a conscious line of products and clothing because she believes in voting with our dollars and resourcing materials in the healthiest possible ways for ourselves and the environment. Ravela is a collaboration of her passion and values to create products that honor sustainability and foster a more harmonious planet, enhancing all of our relations, especially with the Earth. 

Contact: NikkiStarr@Ravela.us

Our Story


As passionate, on the go, globetrotting women, we created Ravela to positively impact the world while providing a chic, comfortable, versatile jumpsuit we both love. Collaborating and merging our talents to create this conscious brand we believe in that supports artisans, causes and sustainability is a dream come true!

Our journey began in January 2015, when Yesim enrolled in Nikki Starr's Initiation Program. This healing experience helped Yesim overcome the loss of her brother–a fashion designer–who is part of the inspiration for Ravela.

Our relationship continued to grow when Yesim attended Nikki Starr’s spiritual yoga retreats in Nicaragua and Tulum, Mexico where we casually discussed the potential of partnering on projects together in the future.

One day in the summer of 2017, while we both happened to be in NYC, Ravela was born. It was important to us to incorporate our ideals and values into the company–everything with awareness, purpose and intention.

We practice the spiritual principle of giving and receiving, so we give a portion of our profits to causes we believe in to make the world a better place. When deciding which cause to give to, interestingly we both independently chose women and children trafficking–another sign we felt this endeavor was meant to be.

We are so grateful for the many synchronicities that have graced the birth of Ravela. 


Thank you for being here.
Thank you for your support.

May you enjoy your Ravela jumpersuit.
May it support you in continuing to create a life you love.  

May all beings feel love and compassion.
May all beings be happy and free. 



With love always,
Yesim and Nikki Starr