Do you shop out of self-love, really?

Recently, I have been reading a lot about what consumerism really entails and how we get captured into it. It makes me sad to realize, that we are like puppets and the capitalist system sucks us into consumerism without being conscious about it.

Unfortunately, we all consume too much, and no matter how consciously we consume on our “loving earth”, the planet continues to get exploited if we do not stop our shopping habits. There are plethora of companies out there starting to make us aware of this. That we should realize our over-consumption habits and take different actions.

However, if we look deep down... something else really is happening. 

Throughout my journey in co-creating Ravela, I have been applying what I have been learning, such as transparency through block-chain, the content of material that we produce, treating the people and environment in an ethical and conscious way- yet, there is still much more to explore. While these aspects are essentially important, they are really only the tip of the iceberg!

I have realized the actual problem when we talk about fast fashion is not that we constantly throw away our clothes. The question becomes why do we throw them away? Essentially, we started viewing clothes as a disposable goods, as we lost our connection to clothing.
If we really want to demonstrate that we care and want to make a change within the fashion industry, we have to start falling in love again with our clothes.

The big fast fashion companies know how to draw us into their brands by manipulating us through fear to get purchase more than we need or even want.
They literally promote us the idea, if we buy more than we need, have the latest trendy piece or brand we will be more worthy of love and accepted within a society. And if we are not part of it…we are losers.

The sad part is, it begins at a young age, as children when we are in school. Our children are bombarded with brands, marketing and their peers. If they do not wear a certain type of clothes, they will not be accepted.

Big fashion rulers in the industry, they focus on our fears of scarcity by having sales and creating
new designs each week. If we look deeper, this is definitely not love, it is an emotionally abusive
relationship. The type of love we must cultivate with our clothing is rooted in self-love. How can we achieve this?

Instead, of listening to the fashion industry what the latest fashion is, and what we need to wear in order to be trendy, we need to re-create our personal style. A personal style, that reavals our true taste of fashion and design. Bohemian, classical, avant-garde, etc. What do you want your clothes to say and how do you want to be seen? How does your design make you feel? These are the essential questions we need to ask ourselves when we purchase clothes and wear them.

We need to start creating our own fashion and forget about trends! Your own fashion is a powerful art piece that shows who you are and what you stand for in our society. When we have only the clothes that we truly love, that express who we are, a powerful change happens. We start loving ourselves as who we are in a genuine way.

That being said, the self-love leads us to love the world in a more profound way. When we free ourselves from a chain mechanism, we want that feeling and happiness for others as well. It is in some way, a chain reacting emotion. If we purchase something we like and support, we transmit the happiness also to the world.

Loving what you wear, equals amour propre and that again leads to the pure love for the world.

At Ravela, we do love our jumpsuit and we try to transcend this particular love to the world. I encourage you to purchase one here and even sleep in it!!

Yesim Ozbarlas, PhD
Co-Founder and Owner
Ravela, LLC