Why Natural Fiber Fabrics are Better All Around

Just as with all innovation and novelty creations, it always seems like a good idea at first. We create things that allow for convenience and also that are cost effective. It takes time to see how these items affect people, the environment and the business world. As everything is connected, whatever we introduce to the world will have an effect. What we wish, is that it will have a positive effect. 


The creation of synthetic fabrics marked a big change in the fashion and clothing industry. The creation of synthetic fabrics opened avenues to cheaper clothing production, various shapes, sizes colors, feels, etc. 


Now what we realize is that these fabrics are plastic.  Thus, they are not biodegradable. This adds to the excessive waste we are experiencing on the planet due to over consumption. Much of the plastic that was created for convenience, is now polluted all waters of the Earth and are also killing animals. 


Plastic also sheds microparticles including the infamous BPA which is linked to disease and even cancer. Our skin is that largest organ and is very absorbent. What you wear enters into your body through your skin. 


This has resulted in many people being mindful of plastic use. Many groceries stores no long carry plastic bags, people have switched to glass bottles, recycling and reusing plastic are initiatives that have somewhat helped, but it’s still a big issue that is contributing to the destruction of this beautiful Earth. 


The discussion of plastic fabrics then becomes a question of ethical fashion. Do you choose the item made of synthetic fabric because it’s cheaper? Do you choose the item because it may fit tighter and create certain shapes even though it is made of plastic?


We at Ravela have opted for organic cotton because we wish to make a positive impact. In time we will produces items made of other natural materials like bamboo, hemp and silk–all produced in humane fair trade ways of course. 


Choosing natural fibers keeps us in deeper connection with the Earth and the ecosystems around us. When we wear natural fibers, it’s like wearing a piece of the Earth, it’s healing, plus they’re more breathable. 


Just as you may read food labels, we invite you to read you clothing label too. Do some research look up these materials. Part of conscious living is being mindful about every aspect of life, even the clothes we wear. 


You don’t have to sacrifice comfort or style when choosing natural fabrics. We find our fabric to be some of the softest we’ve ever felt. We trust you will enjoy them too!