Why Handmade is Better

One trademark of Ravela items is that they are handmade. 


As humans, working with our hands has become a lost art. This is unfortunate because working with our hands is an empowering skill. Modern conveniences, technologies, cutting costs and hiring others to do things for us has phased out this beautiful human gift.


When we humans make things with our hands, it’s an instant meditation because we bring our full presence and awareness to the act of what we are creating. When we make things with our hands, we become much more mindful. 


Ravela artisan in Peru

At Ravela, believe in supporting artisans to continue their craft. Mass production has left many talented artisans without work. The expression of art is important for our world. Creating things with our hands is healing and enlightening. It also brings great joy to create something into form that was birthed from an idea, and then to witness the pleasure it brings into someone else’s life. 


Most things are mass produced for the sake of cheaper cost. This also creates a lot of excess and waste. This also lowers the quality, and perhaps in some opinions, unnecessary products are created. This adds to the landfills and creates more pollution on our Earth and in our waters.


Handmade items are much more special than those mass produced in factories. Attention to detail enhances the quality of whatever we are choosing to create. Having quality items over quantity is one of our beliefs at Ravela.  


Attention is what gives anything more energy. The more attention you give an item you are creating, via details, presence and touching the item with your eyes and hands, the more energy it will have. Because our jumpsuits are handmade, they have more energy than most other jumpsuits because of the awareness and mindfulness that went into the entire process from growing organic cotton to arriving in recyclable packaging at your door. And this adds good energy to your life–one of our other missions. 


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