Support for a Cause – End Human Trafficking

We at Ravela value creating a positive impact in the world. We know the artisans firsthand who hand make our beautiful organic jumpsuits. We know they are treated well and paid well for sharing their gifts with us. We use organic fabrics because pesticides are ruining the environment and also causing disease in people. We apply the principles of slow fashion because it’s not about how cheap or fast we can produce our products but rather that everyone receives through the process in the way that creates the least carbon footprint possible. 

We at Ravela have also decided to give back to a cause that we feel is important. Though all causes are important, some may be more overlooked compared to others because they’re not as well known. Surprisingly many people do not realize how many women and children are trafficked everyday. Trafficking is the modern day slave trade. People are actually being sold and kidnapped. Being are being trafficked to make your clothes.

The sex and fashion industry are the top two industries where people are trafficked.

How is this possible? How can a price tag be put on someone’s life? How can someone’s life be taken? Unfortunately it’s happening more than we think. There is the underground web/internet where people can buy weapons, drugs, body parts, organs and even live humans. The news doesn’t talk about this because, well, the news doesn’t talk about the real news. Just like they don’t talk about the harm of genetic modification of the food supply that is causing cancer, infertility and other unexplainable diseases in people. 

Trafficking of people happens for many reasons including for work and also for sex. Sex trafficking is what drives the pornography industry. So anytime you watch pornography you are supporting sex slavery of innocent women, and even worse with pedophile porn–children are being trafficked too. It’s very likely that the women you’ve seen in pornography were not there by choice. Trends in what’s popular in pornography will often dictate the kinds of women who are kidnapped. Money is driving this industry so strongly that even cops are paid to look away, especially in certain third world countries where the enforcement system is easily corruptible. 

When women are kidnapped, their lives are threatened and most of the time they are drugged to comply with the situation. As many documentaries have shared when interviewing past victims, women are threatened in many different ways in order to continue on as sex slaves. 

Most men who are seeking prostitutes believe they are paying the woman and helping her out, but in many cases the woman is not there by her own free will and the money goes to those who have enslaved her.

Yes indeed this is a heavy topic. And an important one. Think of all the lives that are affected when someone is taken/kidnapped/trafficked. Imagine all of their loved ones, family, friends suffering. And in reality they are trafficked for what? To make cheap products working in sweat factory conditions, or even worse if it is for sex. 

Everyone who watches that pornography is supporting the abuse of that woman who has been kidnapped and warping their perception of sex/love making because it’s not even real. Most sexual dysfunctions and lack of intimacy in partnerships is caused by watching pornography and excessive masterbation. Since pornography is a billion dollar industry, the TOP industry on the planet, think about how many women are kidnapped as sex slaves to fulfill the desires of those seeking a quick fix. 

What can we do about this? One way you can make a difference right now is to STOP watching pornography and NOT support prostitution because ultimately you don’t know if the woman is acting upon her sovereign choice or if she is being forced. This is why it is safer to legalize prostitution to empower women who wish to pursue this as a profession such as some countries already do such as in Holland. 

Efforts to rescue these women cost money and lives because this is a matter of life and death. Many people are killed in the process. How can we put a price on someone’s life? We can’t. We can support efforts in rescuing these women however. Thus a percentage of our profits go to support this cause. So remember your purchase also helps rescue those who have been trafficked. Thank you for your support.