What is Conscious Living?

By Nikki Starr Noce, M.D.


Conscious living means being mindful about every aspect of our lives. It’s bringing awareness to what we eat, what we do, how we spend our time and the products we buy. It’s about living from a place of choice rather than habit. 


Conscious living considers life as an ecosystem. It’s about knowing that your actions affect everything and everyone around you. Everything is connected. The air we breathe is produced by the trees outside that we cut down to create the paper we write on. The water we drink comes from various places on Earth so it’s important we don’t pollute our rivers and seas. 


Conscious living is about quality over quantity. We don’t need many things but the things we have we wish for them to last and feel good. Organic cotton from Peru creates the most beautiful soft fabrics. A jumpsuit handmade by artisans creates a much greater feel than something mass produced in a factory. The love and attention given to each item increases the energy and worth of each piece. 


Conscious living is also knowing the source of all things you purchase, making sure everything is ethical, natural and healthy. Knowing the exact farms where our cotton is grown in Peru feels good! Knowing they don’t use any chemicals or pesticides and that everything is organic makes us feel good. Just as eating organic is important for the health of our body, so is what we put on our skin, the largest organ in our body, which absorbs whatever is in the environment. 


Conscious living is caring about others and knowing that you have the power to impact others. This is why we give a percentage of our profits to help women and children who have been trafficked. Knowing that we can make an impact with the money we spend beyond the material items we collect feels good. To know we made a different feels good. 


The moment I chose to live a conscious life, I knew one day I would also create a conscious company with items that enhanced life, but would also help the world. Ravela is the birth of this dream.