What is Conscious Business to Ravela

If you had told me, when I was attending Business school in Germany; with the pure indoctrination that capitalism drives economies and businesses, and also that one day I will be a Co-Founder of a company that I passionately created with the idea to support human beings and the environment, I would have said you were nuts.

But that’s exactly what happened now, by creating Ravela. An actual dream came true.


Even today “conscious” and “capitalism” remain unlikely connected to each other. Both are intimidating words that have come to stand for fundamentally different ideologies. 

Capitalism is associated with individualism, thriving for ones own interest and making profit without considering anyone involved. The current administration is an excellent example of this school of thought.

In contrast “conscious”or “consciousness” is associated with mindfulness and support for all people and environment involved, that entails renounces materialism per se. A lot of start up Businesses consider and implement this worldview.


Both Nikki Starr’s  and my way of life, our ideologies completely align with a conscious entrepreneur mindset. When we first initiated our thought process we both agreed that Ravela should be a wholesome business that is conscious in any production level, e.g. its manufacturers, labor and environment.



We both designed the jumpsuit locally in the US and decided to produce in Lima to support private, small local artisans in their production. Further, the material itself is organic - that is not only good for the skin of humans, but also guarantees no pesticides used during the production to support the environment. And finally, we both agreed to give back and support trafficked woman and children. We believe business can only grow when they eventually give also back- as we earn from society- thus we need to give back to society. 


We believe being conscious at the most basic level, means being self aware and to look inside and acknowledge our limitations and fears and to take responsibility for our actions when needed. Only if we continue to grow and learn from our mistakes–we will grow with Ravela.

This does not necessarily mean that we need to choose either capitalism or consciousnes as an option. We believe that they are both connected and serve each other.


Essentially, we think that giving and receiving is an integral key stone for success with Ravela. Our core belief replicates: “It pays to care widely and deeply.”


Yesim Ozbarlas, PhD

Co-Founder and Co-Owner of Ravela